If you are looking for the ultimate experience on a tour to enjoy scenery and top of the range pampering, the Glacier Express would the deal. Read on and find out why here under.

We live life on the fast lane, we are ever pressed of time. Time is proving to be one of the hardest of luxuries to afford. If you are a traveler who wants to indulge as much, the Glacier Express to Zermatt, one of Switzerland’s iconic tours, will be nothing short of the deal. This train is known for being the slowest in the world and as such on it, you can be sure to have such an amazing time to tune out and have the ultimate pampering experience, even as you go on it to enjoy the finest of scenery the planet has to offer in a style of its kind.

The train has a launch of the Excellence Class, one that is certainly billed to take train travels to the next level in so far as luxury is concerned. They come in 2 coaches and have a capacity of 20 people per coach, who will be taken for a train ride that will be as luxurious as never before seen. The following is a look at the experience of one of the few who had an opportunity to see the launch and have a feel of what it is to ride on these coaches. See why these are billed to be the perfect options for you when it comes to train travel to have an experience of a kind when it comes to luxury in travel by train and enjoy as much the scenery there is in the entire Switzerland. Get the best at Glacier Express St Moritz to Zermatt.

One fact that was reported by those who had the experience is that this is one that takes this experience to a whole new level. As for the seating arrangement, everyone is in a row of one as such there is no fight or struggle for the view that you would want to have of the scenery while you are on it. The seats are as well larger and as such much more comfortable. In fact, they offer you an experience that would be more or less like that you would in a private jet. The windows give you such a large and wide panoramic view of the scenery you want to enjoy while on your trip. Learn more here: https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Rail_travel.